As a luxury Hotel, Inn, or Spa of the elite line that you are associated with, it is my understanding that you wish for the healthiest and most luxurious products on the market for your guests. We have great concerns about the toxic products that are being used in the pillow industry, and as such have designed luxurious alpaca- filled  and silky organic cotton pillows,  as the most eco-friendly, nontoxic pillows on the market. 

 Our product works with the on-board Pillow Vac that many hotels and cruise lines now use. In fact, we are associated with that company. 

Alpaca: Coined "The fiber of the Gods" by Incan Royalty, are put into 100% US Organic Cotton covers with only pure and natural Alpaca filling. Because Alpaca is naturally fire resistant, there
is no need for harsh toxic chemicals. In fact, Our product is probably the most luxurious organic and natural pillow made in the business. 

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We believe we are the product line of luxury with a genuine concern for the environment,  and the health of its clients.

There is nothing more luxurious than Alpaca.  We have both a silky sateen
and a full barrier fabric cover, both in organic cotton in a variety of sizes and fill weights. Spa pillows also available.
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   We at the USAlpaca Company have an exclusive line of Organic Luxury pillows made of luxurious alpaca fill and US     Organic cotton that would be perfect for your hotel guests. These are the most luxurious and healthiest pillows on the market. Alpaca is the fiber of the Gods, and considered the lap of luxury, but boast health properties that are without compare to any other natural product. Please visit our site at